Discussing global investments, storytelling & salesmanship, and which emerging markets to keep an eye on.

  1. Build what you know and optimize on key learnings. Given his experiences internationally, as a founder, and as an investor at Plug and Play, Mo built Adapt to be a generalist pre-seed and seed stage fund with a global mandate that can invest within 24 hours.
  2. When investing…

Talking near monkhood, the Midwest & the Wild West of private market investing

  1. Don’t follow in anybody’s footsteps. Build a thesis and venture capital firm that is authentic to you, your passions, and your experience, not just what you see in the market
  2. As a VC fund manager, provide a key value add for your portfolio companies. Push your founders to…

Talking secret clearance, Twitter, and diamonds in the rough

Mac Conwell of RareBreed Ventures

Part 4: Managing Your First Fund as a Business and Building Fund II, III and Beyond

  1. 95% of VC funds fail. In addition to your passion and commitment, bring operational experience to juggle investing, fundraising, and running your small business.
  2. In the VC model, labor is a scarce resource.

A Guide For Emerging Managers

Part 3 of 4: Pursuing Leads & Getting to Yes

  1. Tap into your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree network to cast a wide net when looking for potential investors to build support before your search becomes more targeted.
  2. Set deadlines and create a sense of urgency to quickly build momentum and get LP commitments.
  3. Communication is key when fundraising…

On realizing her calling during covid, having her ear to the ground as a venture capitalist & finding the fun in fundraising

  1. The best VCs are company builders. Use your experience and strengths to go beyond the check with your portfolio companies.
  2. In order to be a diverse investor, start from the roots up and build a diverse network and LP base.
  3. Find a way to get started. Get involved…

Taxation services built into your private equity software

  1. Give early access to your CPA to rough out your return before your K-1 comes in.
  2. Make sure your CPA knows private market investor filings, IRS Section 1204, and 1244 for capital gains, better…

Here are 5 keys to choosing the right investment software for you.

Choose a service that:

  1. Automates current events and news about your portfolio companies & potential investments.
  2. Works with your budget. Emerging managers don’t have a lot of cash to spend, so make sure the value outweighs the cost.
  3. You can imagine logging into daily. Onboarding time and user experience are important considerations.
  4. Provides actionable…

How do you manage your portfolio post-investment, monitor effectively, and add value to your portfolio?

  1. Use a collaborative and connected tool that automatically works in the background to collect data and make your post-investment management effective and efficient.
  2. Use a service that makes sure you never lose deal docs, pitch decks, or legalese. Bonus if it’s integrated with your other post-investment tools.
  3. Use data…

How to go beyond a check as a private equity investor

  1. Investors can’t really correlate what success is with a company until it happens, but you can always help. That means going beyond the check as a consultant, an advisor, a mentor, a shoulder to cry on, or anything else a startup might need.
  2. Track KPIs to share timely insights…

Theron McCollough

The Founder VC; founder/CEO at fiifi.co; past Managing Director @SVB_Financial #startups, Investor at Forum Ventures

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