Optimizing Venture Fund Operations

Using the technology platform that works for you to gain actionable insights and streamline workflows

Theron McCollough


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Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, General Partners (GPs), Limited Partners (LPs), and solo capitalists spend their lives looking at new investment opportunities. Still, for one reason or another, many of these deals slip through the cracks. Despite the best intentions, they get left behind and, as a result, investors miss an opportunity to grow their business and achieve their true potential. All they need is a proper support structure to give their VC firm a solid foundation, starting with their approach to fund management.

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fiifi is built exclusively to manage your funds and provide regular financial reports and informal touchpoints with your LPs to provide up-to-date information on the fund’s performance. In addition, our Investor CRM platform allows you to manage your entire portfolio in one central place. It connects all significant components of the investment chain and records all critical activity from deal sourcing to post-investment actions. With fiifi, you can account, administer, and report to your investors in an efficient and streamlined way saving you time, missed opportunity, and helping you leverage your portfolio to a greater extent.

The key benefits of fiifi’s Fund Management Features:

Improved communication with investors

Keeping in touch and maintaining relationships with LPs has always been an important responsibility within the firm. However, GPs are better equipped to communicate with investors when they have a 360-degree view of the firm and its investments, which fiifi provides.

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

Whether it’s via reports generated weekly, monthly, quarterly, or ad-hoc, VCs need accurate and verified cash in hand data at their fingertips. The fiifi platform enables the centralization and democratization of the firm’s data so that LPs can receive the information they want upon request quickly…



Theron McCollough

Managing Director at Citizens Private Bank | VC/Tech; past Managing Director with First Republic,@SVB_Financial. founder, investor, limited partner, and banker