VC Fund Accelerators — pros, cons, which is right for you?

Featuring Jessica Karr of Coyote Ventures

Theron McCollough
8 min readSep 13, 2022

Key Takeaways:

  1. Choose the VC accelerator that fits whether your fund is pre or post close, what you and your fund need out of a program, and how much time you’re able to commit.
  2. Take advantage of the community that fund accelerators bring together and learn from your fellow emerging managers.
  3. Consider the ongoing support from accelerator programs like LP introductions, operator tactics, speaking and event invitations, and invites to portfolio networks.

We looked at 5 different VC accelerators with Jessica Karr, Emerging Manager and General Partner of Coyote Ventures. Ranging from pre-close to post, free to paid, read below to learn which programs might be the right fit for you.

Learn more about Jess and Coyote Ventures in our Emerging Manager Spotlight, talking about running with the wolves, revolutionizing women’s health and wellness, and highlighting the fringes of society.

Venture capital fund accelerators are designed to guide and mentor primarily the general partners from pre-close to post close. Although many focus on Fund I and II, some extend through Fund V and include programming for venture studios, private equity, debt funds, hedge funds, real estate funds, and more. VC accelerators are valuable programs that guide managers through all of the pieces of building a fund and enhance…



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